AccuStock™ Overview

AccuStock™ is designed to maximize storage and minimize labor in the highly competitive electronic assembly market place. The system does not use pallet and has an automatic stacking reel loader.

Fully Automatic

AccuStock™ is a fully automatic electronic reel component storage and retrieval system (ASRS). Unlike other storage systems requiring user to place reel one at a time into the storage system, user can stack up to 150 reels of components into the AccuStock™ input area and just walk away. The system will pick up reels fromt the stacks, scan the barcode on the reels and store the reels into the system. The system also does not use pallet which eliminate labor required to load and unload reel onto the pallet.

Very High Storage Density

The Twin-Silo concept, precision motion system and shelving design allow AccuStock™ to provide the highest storage density and capacity within a foot print of 17.4 ft x 7.2 ft (5.3 m x 2.2 m). The maximum storage capacity is 8,000 reels.

Handle Full Range of Reel Size and Thickness

AccuStock™ can handle reel diameter sizes from 7 inches (180 mm) all the way up to 15 inches (380 mm) and thickness from 4 mm to 44 mm. The patent pending stacking unit allow user to mix reels of different diameter and thickness. Sensors in system sort the reels and place them in the correct shelf automatically.

Consistent Throughput

The unique Twin-Silos approach allows AccuStock™ to maintence constant input and output cycle time. The input/output unit can handle both silos simultaneously.

Flexible Software Interface

The software plug in concept allow user to write custom software to interface with the system software seamlessly. Customer will have the peace of mind that the plug in software is completely under user control.